Let’s See 24 Stylish Wall Mounted Bookcase

The traditional library or wall mounted bookcase has changed drastically in recent centuries. Previously it was an element relegated to the houses of the nobility where the books welcomed you on shelves with the smell of mahogany and wrapped in velvet curtains. Today, a few centuries later, having a good library at home is something […]

Very Valuable Wall Mount Spice Rack

Having a wide variety of spices in your hand can improve the flavor of your meals. A wall mount spice rack is a very valuable kitchen tool to keep your seasonings available and organized to help you in your quest for fabulous cooking. If you have space in your kitchen, a piece of furniture or […]

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Shabby chic consists of items of furniture and linens that are inherited pieces. Things uncovered when you clean out the basement, garage or attic. Or treasure you find at good garage sales, flea markets, antique stores, thrift shops, and estate auctions. You want them to look a bit worn and well used, but they should […]

Going to Work with Vintage Drafting Table

Even those people, who do not dedicate themselves to the field of design. Know that a correct position is indispensable if we are going to work for several hours sitting at a table. Our visual perspective and the position of our body with respect to the vintage drafting table are going to be decisive when […]

Vintage Bedroom Furniture: Never Go Out Of Style!

There are certain styles of decoration that never go out of style, one of them is the vintage bedroom furniture style. If you show a predilection for old things, this type of decoration is the ideal one for you. If you want to give a retro and vintage look to your room, take note of […]

Unique Dining Tables Room Decor

The unique dining tables do not necessarily have to be just space to place dining table where we sit down to eat. They can and should be much more than that. It can be install in a room for dining room. But, more often than not, we have a space inside modern living rooms designed […]

24 Unique Coffee Tables from Simple Materials

Surprise your visits to our original proposals for unique coffee tables! Materials, styles, colors … you will find endless possibilities among which you can choose original tables perfect to decorate your living room in a unique way. Do you want to create your own original coffee tables from simple materials? Do not miss these ideas. […]

Create Beautiful Tree Trunk Table

Have you ever thought about using external elements to decorate? In this article I propose to renew, recycle and take advantage of the stump of a tree instead of eliminating it. The trees of big sizes and other smaller ones, after great storms or being cut by the reason that is, leave a wood trace. […]

Curious Tree Stump Side Table

Good morning friends, in today’s space I leave you with this curious table made from a piece of wooden trunk. If you love natural decoration, I think that this type of tree stump side table is ideal for your spaces. Of course, the natural magnetism and the protagonist, within any decoration, do not take it […]

Option Detail Stone Coffee Table

Stone coffee table and golden fork legs that we think is the perfect complement to any corner. We can use it as a coffee table, bedside table, side table to leave magazines, etc. Once painted and dried, it’s time to stick them to the marble envelope. It is important to choose a suitable adhesive for […]