Cleaning Antique Kitchen Tables

Dec 19th

Antique kitchen tables – Maple is a common and hard wood that is used to create floors and furniture. Providing your kitchen with a warm light, the maple tables are a durable wood, which will complement a variety of kitchen designs and decor. With care and cleanliness, the maple kitchen table will last a lifetime. The cleaning of the kitchen table maple requires a few common household items. Regular cleaning will help you maintain your table for years. Dust your maple kitchen table once a day with a dry, lint-free cloth. Regular cleaning removes abrasive particles that may scratch the wood.

Vintage Wood Kitchen Table
Vintage Wood Kitchen Table

Remove spills as soon as possible by cleaning the maple wood with a clean, lint-free cloth moistened with cold water. Clean stains and fingerprints with a lint-free cloth moistened with cold water. Wet a lint-free cloth with wooden furniture cleaner and wipe the table with a damp cloth. Always clean with the grain of the wood. Commercial furniture cleaners are available in department stores. On the other hand, create your own homemade wood cleaner by mixing 3 cups of white vinegar with 6 teaspoons of light olive oil in a spray bottle.

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Protect your maple kitchen table, always use coasters for glasses. On the other hand, do not set hot dishes on the table. Excess heat and humidity makes it difficult to eliminate the ugly discolorations on the maple kitchen table. Cutlery and wooden ladles are very practical when cooking in the kitchen. They provide easy handling of the stir-fry and baking, they barely weigh, they do not heat up, they do not alter the flavor of the food and, above all, they do not damage the surfaces of pots and pans. Likewise, wooden containers, such as bowls, bowls and bowls, are often attractive for salads or appetizers, because they are light and give a cozy touch to the table.

The only drawback is that the wood is a porous material and does not tolerate the usual cleaning in dishwashers. But on the one hand, many times we see that the stains of some foods such as tomatoes remain on the wooden cutlery after a firsthand wash. The same happens with cutting boards, whose stains often resist surface scrubbing. Similarly, cutlery that has the wooden handle should not be washed in the dishwasher, as they will eventually break down. In the case of wooden cutlery or wooden handles, ideally, wash them by hand with hot water and dish soap, then dry them quickly with a cloth. Avoid having them soak before scrubbing or wet after washing, as this will absorb moisture and deteriorate before.